Campus France Australie is a way to guide and to get information on essential steps to prepare your stay in France.

1. Choose to study in France

2. Decide on your program and institutions

3. Learn French

To enroll foreign students, most French schools should require a TEST or DIPLOMA knowledge of French. Generally, the B2 level required licence, DNA, DMA or DEEA, C1 level in Master, DNSEP DSAA or DEA.
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However, more and more degrees in France (1,200 in 2016) are fully or partly taught in English. Therefore, universities/French schools do not always require a TEST or DIPLOMA knowledge of French. You can find all those programs taught in English here.

4. Enroll in higher education

Join a French institution depends on your nationality, country of residence and nature of the proposed study.
Check entry requirements for programs.

5. Obtaining a visa

Check entry requirements for visas.

7. Tips for living in France