Welcome to the land that celebrates fine dining like no other!

In France, the world capital of gourmet dining, most people eat three meals a day: breakfast in the morning, lunch at around 1 pm, and dinner at around 8 pm. Lunch and dinner are full meals.

For daily meals you can't do better than the 450 university restaurants. Prices at the "restau-u" are unbeatable: You get a complete meal for €3,15. Anyone holding a student card has free access to the entire network of restaurants. Some are open at night and on weekends.

It's also possible to get a meal in the many cafés et restaurants you'll find everywhere in France. Prices range from about €10 for a full meal up to hundreds of euros at the "temples of French gastronomy" run by internationally famous star chefs such as Paul Bocuse, Alain Ducasse, Joël Robuchon, and Pierre Gagnaire.

Between these two extremes you wil find a range of friendly establishments that serve fine food. 

If you plan to prepare your meals at home you will find no shortage of specialized food shops, large supermarkets, and open-air markets. 

Wine is an institution in France. In addition to the justly famous great wines of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, and the Rhône Valley you will find many other interesting wine-producing regions, including the Loire Valley, Alsace, and the south of France. Like all alcoholic beverages, wine should be consumed in moderation.