Degree programs are offered in universities, grandes écoles, and specialized schools. Requirements and application procedures depend on the institution in which they are offered (except for the first year French university admission procedures which are centralized).

1. Enrol in higher education in the first year of university studies.

Please find the first year French university admission procedures here.

Please be aware that the Dossiers Blancs and the Admission Post-Bac are not the only methods of entry into first year university courses in France- it is possible to gain entry in January/ February at certain universities/ schools. If you require information on alternate entrance pathways into first year university courses outside the Dossiers Blancs and Admission Post-Bac systems, please be sure to contact the admissions office of the specific university or school you are interested.



2. Enrol in second year, third year or in a Master degree

If you are not applying for studies in a first year of a study program at university in France, you will have to apply directly to the institution of your choice.

For further information, please visit the online catalogues to help you find your degree program in France.