France has 3 500 higher education institutions, both public and private, which are distributed in the following categories:  

- 83 universities;

- 224 engineering schools;

- 220 business, management and accounting schools;

- 3000 other institutions, in particular high schools (the “lycée”) which offer Higher Technician programs (more than 2 000 programs STS “sections de techniciens supérieurs”), university technology institutes (115 UTIs) and Preparatory Schools for the “Grandes Écoles (close to 400).

What subjects are taught at higher education institutions?

In addition to the renowned quality of French education, France offers a very wide range of subjects and disciplines. The search engine on the CampusFrance website allows you to search by subject, level of study, and location. In addition, subject fact sheets, classified by type of program, explain the objectives, content and job opportunities offered by these programs.

 How to choose the type of institution?

Depending on the student’s personal goals, the academic counsellor may suggest a type of institution. Considering the level of supervision, universities are more suitable for students who have demonstrated a certain level of independence. This is especially true for the undergraduate programs.